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Unbounce landing page analyzer integrated directly within AdFury

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AdFury helps marketers ensure they have a dedicated landing page for every one of your ad groups. These landing pages can automatically reflect any aspect of your campaign, ad copy, headlines, campaign for sending your paid traffic. By creating these landing pages you are already way ahead of the game, but the job isn’t over yet. You need to ensure that your landing page performs. And I know you are going to measure performance using standard measures like conversions and landing page quality. But there’s a lot more you need to understand about your landing page: Is my copy well…

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AdWords best practices: How to name and organize campaigns

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You can name your campaign anything you wish, but using a naming convention  can make it easier to keep track of the campaign. Without a naming convention, things can get confusing If you don’t create a naming convention, you’ll wind up making up a name off the top of your head each time. This can seem reasonable at first but will have some painful consequences down the road. For example, if you are working on a campaign for Aperture Interactive you might name your campaign “Aperture Interactive.” So far so good. Sometime later on you decide to do some A/B…

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seven deadly sins of adwords

The Seven Deadly Sins of Adwords

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Yeah, verily we tried to have a little fun with this one. Here’s a compendium of all the most woeful and lamentable activities conducted by AdWords marketers, most of whom know better but are naughty anyway. Download your copy of the Seven Deadly Sins of AdWords Please do share this by clicking the social media buttons above. And tell us what you think! Did we miss any good ones?

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The periodic table of AdWords

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This handy periodic table provides a high level of all the most important variables to keep in mind when constructing and managing AdWords campaigns. Download your copy of the AdWords Periodic Table Market Taking time to understand your customer and the intent behind their searches will help you design a more relevant and better performing campaign. Mc: Customer You should take the time to understand who your customer is, what problems they are trying to solve, and how you can help solve those problems. Without this understanding it’s very difficult to use AdWords strategically by advertising to specific traffic types,…

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NEW FEATURE: Use our landing pages without configuring a cName

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One of the headaches caused by using hosted landing pages is the need to set up a subdomain, which involves the configuration of a cName record in your DNS server. If you’ve not technical and/or have never set up a subdomain, you probably won’t be surprised to find that it’s not a huge amount of fun. In fact, it’s the number one reason that cause people to avoid hosted landing pages altogether. Landing page providers, including AdFury, go to great lengths to make the process as easy as possible. Our support page includes images and step-by-step instructions for the top…

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Avoiding spam without CAPTCHA widgets

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You’ve put together a beautiful landing page, and it’s generating conversions for you like a well-oiled machine. All is humming along wonderfully except for one small fly in the ointment: spam. Bots are filling out your form, clogging up your CRM with spam, and making themselves a nuisance. What to do? The most common way to evade spambots is the CAPTCHA test. You know the ones; they try to get you to prove you’re not a robot by typing in the letters and numbers seen in a distorted image. More recent versions of CAPTCHA are a bit more sophisticated; they…

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Advertising strategy for commodity products

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Imagine you’re at a cocktail party. You don’t know anyone. Maybe a friend invited you to their after-work gathering. If you’re like most people, you’re a little uncomfortable. As you interact you fill the conversational gaps with small talk. But small talk is usually more than filling space. It’s a way to tell people “I’m interesting! You’ll like me.” We bring up books because we want others to think that we are intelligent and well-read. We mention a new fancy restaurant around the corner because hoping to come across as sophisticated and cultured. We look for amusing anecdotes or observations…

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Identify and advertise to your best leads based on video consumption

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Among the most powerful features in AdWords is the ability to target advertising exclusively to people in a specific audience. This can be especially useful for b2b companies with complex sales cycles, who can target advertising to people in each stage of the sales funnel. There are many ways to build an audience to target with specialized advertising. In this post we’ll discuss one of them, an audience made up of people that have watched a certain amount of a video (say 50% or more). Targeting based on video consumption is useful because many businesses use videos to communicate their…

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Call-only ads now support extensions

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Starting September 21, Google began support extensions on Call-Only ads. Call only ads appear on devices that can make phone calls, and designed to encourage people to call your business. What you’ll learn in this post This post will describe how add extensions to your call-only ads so that they perform better. What’s a call-only ad What’s an extension, and why you should use them in your ads What extensions are supported in call-only ads, and what they look like What’s a call-only ad? Glad you asked. Here’s an example: About extensions AdWords Extensions are additional pieces of extra information…

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