Unbounce landing page analyzer integrated directly within AdFury

AdFury helps marketers ensure they have a dedicated landing page for every one of your ad groups. These landing pages can automatically reflect any aspect of your campaign, ad copy, headlines, campaign for sending your paid traffic. By creating these landing pages you are already way ahead of the game, but the job isn’t over yet.

You need to ensure that your landing page performs.

And I know you are going to measure performance using standard measures like conversions and landing page quality. But there’s a lot more you need to understand about your landing page:

  • Is my copy well written?
  • Is my page responsive on all devices
  • Is my page loading quickly?
  • Is my page optimized for SEO?

You want to monitor your landing page for optimization opportunities. But where to start? How about directly within AdFury!

New: Integrated with AdFury — the Unbounce Landing Page Analyzer

AdFury has partnered with Unbounce to integrate their Landing Page Analyzer directly within AdFury. This grader-style tool delivers a comprehensive, personalized report about any of your AdFury landing pages (or any other landing page) with custom recommendations you can try today to increase your conversion rates.

Not only do you get a summary of how your page compares to others in your industry, but you also see page performance insights including your landing page’s speed, load time, and page requests that may be slowing things down.



The Analyzer’s comprehensive report delivers specific insights across nine categories, reporting whether your landing page:

  • Conveys trust and security
  • Appears properly on social networks and mobile
  • Has a high converting design
  • Contains too many calls to action
  • Has an appropriate Flesch reading ease and sentiment for your industry,
  • and much, much more.

The Analyzer will also save you time. For example, if your images are large and slowing down your load time, your report will include compressed versions of all your images to replace quickly and get your page loading even faster.

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