NEW FEATURE: Use our landing pages without configuring a cName

By November 28, 2017Landing Pages

One of the headaches caused by using hosted landing pages is the need to set up a subdomain, which involves the configuration of a cName record in your DNS server.

If you’ve not technical and/or have never set up a subdomain, you probably won’t be surprised to find that it’s not a huge amount of fun. In fact, it’s the number one reason that cause people to avoid hosted landing pages altogether. Landing page providers, including AdFury, go to great lengths to make the process as easy as possible. Our support page includes images and step-by-step instructions for the top 18 hosting providers!

Introducing a subdomain alternative

If you like using your subdomain and want to keep using it for your landing pages, great. But if something a little easier sounds good, have we got a solution for you!

Simply click the little gear next to your account, highlighted in red below

In account configuration, click the domain tab and the “ADD URL” button. Notice the new option for Javascript? If you click it, a special snippet becomes available (highlighted in red below).

Just paste that code snippet onto an (otherwise empty) page on your site, and that page will serve dynamic AdFury landing page synchronized to your AdWords account. It’s that easy.

Actually, it’s even easier if you use WordPress. We’ve created a WordPress plug-in just for this purpose. The steps:

  • Install and activate the plug-in
  • Create a new page
  • Select the “AdFury” template
  • Save the page

That’s it!

I imagine some folks will try out the landing page URL in the image ( Spoiler: nothing will happen. When you create a landing page in AdFury and assign it to an ad group, it’ll update your ads with a final URL that includes a special ID. The code snippet uses that ID to know which landing page to serve.

Give it a try

We’re excited about our new landing page solution! If you haven’t already, sign up for a free trial of AdFury and test some of our landing pages. You’ll love the easy set up, and you’ll love the improved conversions even more!

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